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Welcome to Natural Healing Center, LLC, located in the beautiful and historic Annapolis, Maryland and serving the surrounding towns of Arnold, Severna Park, Edgewater, Davidsonville, and Crownsville.

Mission at Natural Healing Center, LLC Annapolis, MD

Our mission is to give patients hope and health through advanced chiropractic treatment, nutritional methods, lifestyle education, and a variety of fascial therapies while not answering to third party payors. We help families find the root causes of unexplained medical problems and to resolve them using a variety of personalized priority driven natural methods, while avoiding invasive drugs and surgery.

We use the following methods:

•       Functional and Nutritional Healing

•       Advanced Chiropractic Techniques

•       Detoxification and Visceral Manipulation

•       Craniosacral and Related Bodywork

Our Unique Position

These are problems that we are uniquely equip to handle at the Natural Healing Center using:

•       Prioritization using specialized procedures to determine where to start the patient's healing.

•       Advanced Chiropractic Techniques to resolve the neurological and mechanical components of the problem.

•       Complete education systems to change lifestyle problems and change the patient's future.

Natural Healing Center, LLC is a chiropractic and functional medicine practice that offers a full complement of services that helps you improve your health and lifestyle at any age.

We strive to find the root causes of maladies of the body and resolve them with advanced chiropractic, supplements, functional medicine, bodywork and fascial therapies, self help techniques, and changes in diet and lifestyle.

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