Fee Schedule


In order to avoid third parties dictating the treatments patients need, and to protect your privacy as a patient, we will not be participating in any health care plans, and not billing insurance. However, we will gladly help you with the paperwork to get reimbursed where applicable.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the services that we will be providing for Senior patients.

Scheduling Your First Visit

If you have not been to Natural Healing Center before, you will need to call 410-266-5300 on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday to schedule a New Chiropractic Exam or New Nutrition Exam.

Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to accept new patients with a personal referral. 

Chiropractic Visit Fees

New Chiropractic Patient Exam $375

Chiropractic Treatment   $85

Extended Chiropractic Treatment   $170

Chiropractic Re-exam (also for new injuries or 6 months without care)   $170

Nutrition Visit Fees

New Nutrition Client Visit $375

Nutrition Visit   $85

Nutrition Update (new issues or 6 months without a visit)   $170

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New Release!

High Tech Healing meets Ancient Art

by Dr. Mary Psaromatis

How can you heal yourself using the newest technology, but preserving what has been learned about the human body over the last several thousand years?

Find out how to use Laser to treat yourself using principles discovered through ancient Chinese medicine.

The Low Level Laser also available here.