Dr. Mary Psaromatis,
Integrative Chiropractor

I walk into a room where a young mother is waiting expectantly. Her children are playing or reading in the corner.  I introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Psaromatis, an integrative chiropractor."

She might ask what it is that I do, and then I explain that I am a natural health doctor - I use unique methods to adjust and test people to find out the root cause of their health problems. Sort of a modified Functional Medicine approach.

Then she explains to me that I am not the first doctor she has tried, nor the second. I might even be the 10th. And she has had blood work, endoscopies, MRIs etc. This doesn't faze me, in fact it relieves me because most likely, she has a functional problem, and she has not yet progressed to a disease state that can be found by conventional medical testing. 

Dr. Mary Psaromatis, Patient

...Let me back up a few years to when I was the one walking into Doctor's offices looking for answers. It started in elementary school, visiting my pediatrician for stomach problems, then foot pain, back spasms... without ever getting any good answers. In fact, my mother was told that it was "normal" for me to have all these problems.

I finally met an amazing chiropractor, "Dr. Gus" Pendazis that finally gave me answers that worked, like which foods to avoid, techniques to try, and unique adjustments that really fixed problems. I wanted to learn everything he knew.

Dr. Mary Psaromatis, Student

So, I went to Physical Therapy school (Boston University, Sargent College) but they were very biomedical, and then transferred to chiropractic school (Western States Chiropractic College), but was surprised to find that they were also very biomedical. They were not getting at the underlying nerve imbalances, and they were not communicating with the body the way Dr. Gus had.

I continued to study and learn, but it wasn't until I started studying and working with Dr. William Boro of Annapolis, Maryland that I realized my dream of being able to help people with difficult problems.

I mastered Advanced Chiropractic Techniques which is a system he put together from studying under the Masters of

  • Directional Non Force Technique (DNFT),
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK),
  • Clinical Kinesiology (CK),
  • Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT), and
  • Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT).

The combination of these techniques has been phenomenal. I have found I can help get to the root cause of more problems than ever before. And I plan to keep learning to be able to help as many people as I possibly can.

I hope this Natural Healing Center and this website can help me to reach more people to bring hope to the hopeless.

Dr. Mary Psaromatis, Mom

Yes, I am a mom too, which is why I feel particularly called to help mothers. I have ten children who keep me very busy, and very loved. I help home school them when I am not in the office.

My hobbies... what is a hobby?  =)

I love to play with my kids and teach them  whatever it is they want to learn at the moment. I also have a fantasy that I am a gardener!